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Terms And Conditions Of Work

These applies to across all the projects we work together

1) All the works and discussions will be done virtually through Phone / Zoom / Skype / WhatsApp Call only. Also, We accept only online payments through Razorpay Payment Links for Indian Clients and Paypal/Payoneer/Stripe/Razorpay for Foreign Clients.

2) You have to provide us the Name of the Website, Logos, Contents, Images and any third-party API/Application login details (if needed).

3) The Server, Hosting, SSL, Web Security, Emails, SEO or any type of Third Party API/Stuff will be purchased from your end only and the server details needs to be shared with us for making the site live.

4) We will do the work on our Development Server. You will be able to check the progress through the link which we will share and you can let us know the corrections (if any).

5) Half of the discussed budget needs to be paid before starting the project. When the website will be fully completed according to the discussed requirements on our development server, you need to give us confirmation that the project in my development server is 100% completed according to the discussed requirements, then the remaining payment needs to be cleared. After that we will transfer the website from our server to yours.

6) Once the site is live on your server, We will provide you the payment receipt. You should also change all the passwords that you had shared with us.

7) We will give 72 hours (Warranty)/Free Support starting the moment of project delivery (in zip or Server) on any errors found in my existing work.

8) After delivery of the project to your server or in other format( .zip / emailing the project files), no refund will be given under any circumstances.

9) You should keep a backup of the website. If the website is deleted / lost / corrupted (due to server issues or any other reasons), website backup re-restoration cost of $25 USD will be charged.

10) The budget will increase if you need more new functionalities / features besides your discussed requirements // rebuild any existing functionalities in a different way than your previous discussion / delay in project from client's end.

11) If at any point of time before the completion of the project, we enter an un-solvable dispute / or any unnecessary delay in project from your end, we will cancel the project, then you can find a new developer and we will scrap the website files. Under no circumstances or logic (logic like this is your concept or thought or your hard work involved in making this concept, etc) will work be provided. Instead if you need the work, you must first pay the project amount upto the point the work is completed and then only you can take the work (in this case no refund will be given after project delivery).

12) We maintain absolute confidentiality about the data shared with me during and after project development, however if you want any written agreements, then the same must be done before starting the project. (So that we are well aware of the clauses of the agreement). No agreements or documentation will be done after project completion. Also, if you have any terms / conditions / requests, please state them before starting the project.

13) If you are providing me access to work on a half built or full built website/app, you must first take full proper backup before sharing access.

14) We give budget on the amount of work discussed. Any page or functionality cannot automatically be considered to be a part of website/or discussion, unless that is already discussed before we gave budget.(For example, Discussion was originally for 5 page website, so budget was given accordingly. Now later on, suppose, you think a terms and condition page is needed. This page will then be considered as new work and extra budget will be given. Logic like terms page is normal part of a website, thus should be considered inside the previous budget, will be invalid).

*Working Hours: 2.30pm IST to 6AM IST*

Please proceed only if you are ok with these Terms and Conditions.

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